Monarch eem-3000

monarch eem-3000 digital delay

So here’s somewhat strange and rare digital dealy Monarch EEM-3000. And it’s almost 1:1 copy of Phonic PDD-3000 digital delay. Even digital delay line board inside has Phonic, not Monarch name ;).. Actualy I couldn’t find anythin about any audio equipment maker named Monarch.

Nice thing that manual has at least an analogue part schematic (~900Kb png file).

Again.. Can’t post any samples for now. Need a proper sound card ;)

2 Responses to Monarch eem-3000

  1. AirC says:

    Hi! I just shot one in the bay!
    Could you maybe give me some Details on that manual?
    Ive read something about trimers on the inside?

  2. Jacqueline72 says:

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