Vermona synthesizer

So I have this a bit weird beast Vermona synthesizer, which is quite nice for some things, but as lot’s of people mention: has an awful keyboard. Anyway.. For those who want to revive their own Vermona, here’s schematic.

Pictures, sounds and everything else some day in the future.

5 Responses to Vermona synthesizer

  1. Сергей (Украина) says:

    Огромная благодарность за схему!! Честно говоря, не ожидал найти…)) Вы мне сэкономили много времени – не пришлось схему “сдирать” вручную. У меня 2 таких “Вермоны” , и обе – с незначительными , но не очень приятными дефектиками)). Теперь будет легче их и модифицировать! ))
    Еще раз – огромная благодарность!!!
    С уважением, Сергей

    Many thanks for the chart! Honestly, I never expected to find. You saved me a lot of time – did not have a scheme “rip off” manually)). I have 2 of these “Vermona – Synth”, and both a synthesizer – a small, but not very pleasant defects).) Will now be easier to modify them! ))
    Once again – many thanks!
    Regards, Sergey

  2. Michal I. says:

    Hello. Thank you very much for the schematics. Sound of Vermona is marvellous. Mine vermona has broken (silent) second oscyllator :(. Do you have any ideas where to start searching for fix (i’m gonna get help from a friend engineer but he don’t have experience with analog synths not to mention this rare beast). Greetings.

  3. Tadas says:

    Glad that you find it useful! Unfortunately I’m not very good with electronics and do not know much about the synth itself.

  4. Alex (Russia) says:

    Hello. Thank you very much for the schematics. Very, very, very much!!!

  5. zemunatz says:

    Thank you for the schematics,
    If anyone knows of some modifications, it would be nice to write :)

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